Sunday, April 19, 2009

NBA Play Offs! Round 1 Game 1!


Hubby and I had the privilege and to score some great tickets to see my two favorite teams; Boston Celtics Vs Chicago Bulls. Our “connection” offered us tickets to the first game of the NBA playoffs and paying much less than buying the tickets from Ticket Master! Special thanks to you for thinking of us! You know who you are! This is my 3rd time watching a Celtics Vs Bulls game, because our special connection knows I love these 2 teams!!!**Smiles**NBA-6I had always loved going to watch basketball games as the crowd supporting the home team is all hyped up and cheery. Always be prepared to lose your voice at the end of a good game!! It was tough watching this game as I want my current home team to win, and I also want my ex-home team to win. I have been a supporting the bulls for the past 4-5 yrs and finally made the switch last year as I had more fun cheering with the home team…especially when you’re seated in the season tickets holder area!!

 NBA-3 NBA-4

The game was good and very close with overtime; Celtics unfortunately wasn’t playing at their best yesterday. The Bulls won 105-103 in overtime. And since this was a Round 1, Game 1 of the playoffs, everyone was given a free green Adidas t-shirt with Celtics cheer printed and a rally towel! The t-shirt was surprisingly good quality and freebies are always cool! Almost everyone at the basketball arena was “greened” out making a big statement… It would have been awesome if only Celtics won the game!!NBA  Go Celtics!!

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