Friday, April 10, 2009

Apple “Tong Sui” Dessert

“Tong Sui” literally means sugar water in Cantonese. This Apple “Tong Sui” dessert was something I learnt from my mom about 9-10 years ago! Yikes!! It’s been that long since I left home!!! Anyway, I think a friend of mom taught her to make this refreshing Chinese dessert and me being a “Tong Sui” fanatic just have to get the recipe. It’s actually pretty simple, with minimal prep work to cook this yummy dessert.

Apple Dessert-2 



  • 3 Cups Apple,Peeled, Cored, Cut into 1/4” Wedges (I prefer to use Fuji Apples. This time I used 2 medium Fuji Apples and cut it into 8 wedges each.)
  • 12 Cups Water
  • 3 Pandan Leaves, Knotted
  • 20 Dried Jujube (Red Dates)
  • 20-25 Dried Longans
  • 1 Piece Snow Fungus (Soaked In Warm Water & Tear Into Bite Size)
  • Sugar or Rock Sugar


Quickly rinse red dates, longans and pandan leaves to remove dirt etc, then set them aside. Add all the ingredients minus the sugar in a large pot. Cook it over medium heat for about an hour, then cover and lower heat to low and continue to cook for 30 minutes. Add sugar to taste. Let the dessert cool a little before serving it up! This dessert serves 6-8 people! I always make more to eat (almost) immediately…and keep some for the next few days!

This dessert can be eaten warm or cold (refrigerated or ice added). If you choose to eat it cold, you can add some cube “Ai Yu” Jelly to add more interest to this dessert. Do not add the “Ai Yu” Jelly when dessert is hot, as it most like will dissolve!

*** All the ingredients mentioned in this recipe can be found in Chinese/South East Asian grocery stores. Picture of dried snow fungus below. Apple Dessert


Lilia said...

i finally know what that white fungus do!!!

i bought that once thinking it was "shuet kap", frog, saliva, but it's actually dried fungus. Lol :p
I still have it and i can now use it to make apple dessert!
Yum. Thanks!

Jean said...

Thanks for sharing...unique "tong sui"..I like it.

Simply June said...

Jean : Thanks!
Lilia : You could also use pear I think... I've heard of friends telling that I could use pears.. hehe.. haven't try it though... Also, if you have gingko nuts...u could add some in. The fungus can be used in savory dishes, but i personally prefer it in desserts!

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