Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teriyaki Chicken Copy Cat

Updated October 29, 2009. I reattempt to make Teriyaki Chicken like Sarku Japan. Here's my not too bad version. Let me know what you think of it!

One of our favorite food court booth in the mall is Sarku Japan where your food is made to order. Whenever we see a Sarku Japan outlet at the mall, hubby and I will be torn to choose between Teriyaki Chicken (by Sarku Japan) or other delicious stuff offered in the food court. Most of the time, we will both end up ordering the same thing from Sarku Japan’s teppanyaki grill; Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables and rice.

Dinner-34It’s been quite a while since we indulge some Teriyaki Chicken from Sarku Japan. So tonite, I’ve decided to duplicate their teriyaki chicken. Hubby and I both thought the taste was quite similar. We could definitely use less of the oil that probably came from the chicken ski (and fat??) or maybe the vegetable oil itself. Next time, I would definitely use skinless chicken with all the fat trimmed. For this dish, I used chicken thigh, just like Sarku Japan did! I thought the color was a little off, mine was a little darker in comparison with Sarku Japan’s teriyaki chicken. Dinner-34aI paired the teriyaki chicken with some stir fried cabbage and white rice. I never like the stir fried vegetables that Sarku Japan serves, as they tasted more like warmed salad. The vegetable are not cooked to my liking; bland and still quite raw (at least true for the location near me!)! There’s definitely room for improvement and we shall definitely start with the skin!!!

Check out your nearest Sarku Japan location!


Kheng Lin said...

Babe, you really can cook anything can you? which just got me thinking.. did u ever cook for me while we were staying together in Subang? i remember you buying lots of stuff back for me from the pasar malam though =)

Simply June said...

Hey Kheng Lin.....with my constant craving for different kind of food... i learnt over time to make them (and no i'm not pregnant!)....I dun think I ever cooked except maggi mee in subang. never really cooked or knew how until I came here 8 years ago..... being poor college kid, you've got to learn how to cook... oh how i miss those pasar malam cheap eats...yum yum yum!

GreenTeaFarm said...

Psst~ hey! I was wondering if you're able to share your personal recipe of this dish~ My mom has been trying to make this recipe for a long time but it comes nowhere close -.- Thank you!

Simply June said...

Green Tea Farm: Try this?

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