Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aunt Sally’s Creole Pralines

The only pralines I’ve ever had are in ice-creams (Yums….I love!!) and pralines by Godiva. Kelvin’s friend, Jolene who visited us after her trip to Louisiana gave us some Aunt Sally’s Creole Pralines; New Orleans’ most famous praline.PralinesPraline (pronounced PRAH-LEEN or PRAY-LEEN) was inspired in France and is a sweet confection made from sugar, nuts and vanilla. The early French settlers brought Pralines to Louisiana where pecan nuts are abundant. Check out Wikipedia for more information on Pralines.

Aunt Sally’s Praline came nicely packed in a plastic wrap and in individual boxes.The praline looked like a 2-1/2” – 3” cookie with exorbitant amount of Pecan nuts. Every corner you bite on, there will surely be a piece of pecan! I’m not sure why it’s called “Creole” Pralines though… maybe coz of it’s origin in the South? I’m sure it’s not coz of Creole seasoning used, as Creole seasoning are a mixture of spices and are used in savory dishes in the South. Pralines-1Anyway, Jolene gave us 2 packets of praline; Original Praline and Triple Chocolate Praline. The original praline tasted almost like vanilla fudge, but not as smooth. The sugary sweet candy is slightly chewy and grainy, something I did not expect as I was expecting a crunchy smooth candy. The pecans were also soft. it was overall not bad, and can get pretty addictive! It would have been awesome if the Pecans are a little more toasty and crunchy! Pralines-2The texture and all for the Triple Chocolate Praline was exactly like the Original Praline except you’re hit by the chocolaty taste. This one felt a little weird to me as I was expecting the smooth creamy chocolaty taste of a Godiva or some other chocolate but was also greeted with the same grainy texture.

Original pralines win hands down for sure! Aunt Sally’s Pralines are definitely different from the Godiva’s Pralines. This candy is not for anyone with diabetes or doesn’t have a sweet tooth!

Well, if you’re interested to get yourself from Pralines, check out their online store…no need to fly all the way to New Orleans to get some, though it would be nice to check out the French Quarters in New Orleans! While you’re there, enjoy some Louisiana Crawfish too!! =)

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Jean said...

The packaging are good! So is the taste I hope. Maybe I'll try it. I find it a habbit ordering candies online like pralines.com.

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