Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

We were supposed to dine at Lou Manalti’s Pizzeria after the wedding rehearsal on Saturday evening. When the wedding party, family and friends arrived at the location in Naperville, IL…we were told the wait will be 2 hours especially when there’s 20 in the party. Apparently they don’t take reservations either! I was so looking forward to eat at Lou Manalti’s after watching yet another Bobby Flay Throwdown with Lou Manalti’s Pizzeria. I forgot who won as I think I fell asleep before they announce the winner of the Throwdown!

Anyway, the party moved on to Giordano’s about one block away and the wait was shorter; almost no wait actually though we were separated into 2 tables. It was a big difference as Lou Malnati’s was jam packed and Giordano’s wasn’t. I wonder if it was coz of the recent Bobby Flay Throwdown episode on the Food Network, or Lou Manalti’s is just heavenly good!!! At Giordiano’s, we ordered a few different kind of salads and of course the Chicago deep dish style pizza! Spinach and mushroom  plus green pepper and pepperoni deep dish pizzas were ordered and they were pretty yummy (I only tried the spinach and mushroom pizza). I am not a big fan of deep dish pizza, as I prefer less sauce and MORE gooey and slightly browned cheese…. I love pizza with thinner crust and to be able to pick up a whole slice of pizza (and fold it into half?) and eat it with my hands……Mmmmmmm to New York style pizza! Sorry, Chicago!



Mrs. Green said...

actually we had lou malnati's after you guys left...and i remember why we prefer it to giordano's...the crust is just's not as heavy even though it's also deep you gotta try it first!!! :o)


Simply June said...

I heard tht the crust is flaky...different from the regular deep dish/pizza.. maybe i should look into getting a frozen pie shipped =p

Mrs. Green said...

i'd say crumbly more than flaky...i don't like flaky. hehehe...but this one stays non-soggy, but once it's in your mouth it kinda melts...mmmm...

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