Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look What Came!

We’ve finally got ourselves our very own NFL jerseys! One for each of us…hubby, myself and even Brady! Come the NFL season, we’ll be sporting our “Brady” jerseys! The best part, technically we did not even spend a penny on these jerseys! =)NFLWhen we got our Samsung LCD back in January, in addition to the discounts we also had a chance to receive a $200 gift certificate from NFL, a promotional offer with the purchase of a Samsung TV. We mailed in the receipts and did the paper work and waited..and waited…. And it finally came in the mail….$200 gift cert to shop at =)

I shopped over the Memorial weekend as soon as I found out that had an additional 15% off during that weekend. Within minutes, we hurriedly picked 3 NFL New England Patriots jerseys for the family. These jerseys are quite pricey as I spent over $190 on them!!!! I don’t think I’ll pay for them out of my own pocket! Hehe! We can now be known as the “Crazy Brady Bunch” when we’re sporting our Tom Brady jerseys! I highly doubt hubby will agree to all 3 of us wearing the Brady jerseys taking a walk in the city or the park!


Now that Brady has his own jersey, I just had to dress him up. This is the only outfit hubby allow me to get and dress Brady in! Brady wasn’t too happy, was probably confused and did not move. Not even his favorite treat will get him walk towards me. I had to carry him! =)

Lets just hope Tom Brady (# 12) will continue to play for the New England Patriots for a couple more seasons! I do want to parade around with my new football jersey! =) Somebody please throw me some tickets to the games!!!


Adeline said...

too cute!!!

Charlene n Kevin said...

Yeah, very cute! Too bad the Steelers are going to win AGAIN next season ;P

Simply June said...

Thanks!... Charlene... it's too early to tell! Big Ben might be a disappointment! =p

Charlene n Kevin said...

Ben suxs la...we don't like him as the QB. It's the Steel Curtain D-Fence thats the best!! :D

ween said...

that is soooo cute! only YOu can think of something like that!!

Simply June said...

Charlene: We'll have to see whose got a better D-fense! =) Can't wait for NFL season...I wanna play some fantasy football!! hehe
Ween: Thanks....I hope you mean it in a good way..haha!=P

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