Friday, June 5, 2009

Revisited: Sichuan Palace @ Chelmsford, MA

Sichuan Palace Sichuan Palace2

I’ve written about this place previously mentioning that this is the first place I really enjoyed my Si Chuan food, without burning my poor mouth/tongue. When my family was here, Chris wanted to take them out for a meal and I suggested Sichuan Palace where food is pretty good and that we we don’t have to go all the way down to Boston Chinatown for some Chinese food.

This time, I’m armed with my camera and took pictures of the stuff we had. Here’s what we ordered;

1) Fried Squid With Spicy Salt @ $11.95 . This was pretty good, slightly crunchy and had a little kick to it. Large squid pieces too. Maybe a little too large for my preference.. Haha!Sichuan Palace42) Fish Fillet In Spicy Bean Sauce @ $13.95. We would usually order this. Not overly spicy. Portion is also big. Yums! Don’t know what kind of fish they used though.Sichuan Palace5 3) Chef Shao’s Tofu with Shrimp & Vegetables @ $12.95.  I tried this once the last time we went and I loved it. Soft yummy tofu is mixed in with shrimp and some vegetables, then sautéed with other greens and mushrooms. Mom & dad gave the approval seal for this dish! =)Sichuan Palace14)  Sautéed Pork Slices With Pepper & Chili @ $10.95. I love this dish too. It’s sliced pork belly (bacon maybe?) cooked in a spicy sauce with some green onions and peppers. Yums!! If you don’t like pork fat, this is not really the dish for you!Sichuan Palace35) Peking Ravioli @ $6.25. My mom loves Peking Ravioli, so we had to order this for her to try. It was disappointing. I felt the skin was too thick. The generous meat filling was not very fragrant and doesn’t look like it had other stuff, other than meat in it. I would pass on this dish the next time.Sichuan Palace6

Everyone pretty much enjoyed everything. However, my mom pointed out to me that they may have used a lot of MSG in their dishes. She felt uneasy a few hours after eating the food, and we all did get quite thirsty. I wonder how the food will taste like if we tell them not to add MSG? =)

Check out Sichuan Palace’s website and their delicious menu HERE.

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