Monday, June 29, 2009

Strawberry Ice Cream


Another great way to eat/use strawberries! I made strawberry ice cream after my strawberry picking activity. The strawberry ice cream was not made from the fresh ones I picked from the local farm. Instead, it was made with store bought ones when I found out I have a container of them in my fridge upon returning from berry picking.

IThe ice cream was based on the recipe that came with my Cuisinart ice cream maker.  However, I also added some strawberry jam to it to enhance the taste and color of the ice cream. It was a great success and I loved this ice cream. It was definitely better than my red bean ice cream attempt.

Since I added jam to the cream mixture (and my ice cream maker is just 1.5 qt), it almost over-flowed towards the end of the churning process. I am going to reattempt the recipe and make slight changes to it so that I can churn the ice cream nicely (and avoid overflows) before sharing the recipe here! Stay tuned!

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