Saturday, June 20, 2009

Strawberry Picking @ Parlee Farms

The weather was finally decent on Saturday…NO RAIN! Hubby, Seyda and I took advantage of the “no rain day” and went strawberry picking at the farm near my house.

Parlee Farms @ Tyngsboro, MA is open for the strawberry picking season from 8 am-6 pm everyday of the week except Monday. We got there close to 12 noon on Saturday, and the farm was pretty pack. After picking up our tray (free) at the Farmstand, we were then ushered outside to wait for the hay ride to the strawberry patch. The ride was also free, unlike some farm where they charge $1-$2 per person to get to the fruit farm/patch.

 StrawberryFarm StrawberryFarm1

We still had to walk a little to where the strawberry patch was. This was a different location, from where we went strawberry picking last year. We did not need to take the hay ride and the patch wasn’t that far. However, there were MORE strawberries here compared to when we went strawberry picking last year. Hubby and I couldn’t remember if we went later in the season or what. I know we were there later in the day for sure.

StrawberryFarm4 StrawberryFarm5

I think if we were to arrive 2 hours earlier, we would have gotten those big juicy strawberries we saw other people brought back. We didn’t stay too long or picked too much strawberries; only a stray full or about 5 lbs worth between the 3 of us. I could come back anytime to pick more fresh berries! The strawberries were @ $2.25 per lb which we thought wasn’t too bad since it’s fresh and organic (I think).

StrawberryFarm2 StrawberryFarm3

I can’t wait to go strawberry picking again!!!!

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Adeline said...

i went strawberry picking the first time 2-3 weeks ago. Loved it! ;)))

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