Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cocoa Powder..Again

I’m back again comparing cocoa powder in addition to my posting in April. This is also going to be yet another color (and price comparison) of cocoa powders. I finally found and purchased some Valrhona Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder after hearing about it from my friend. It wasn’t something I could get from my local grocery store. I so happen to find it at Whole Foods (Organic grocery store) along with other higher end chocolates. And I just had to get them and try them!!

Anyway, here’s my cocoa powder “color test”… In my previous color test, the Ghirardelli Cocoa Powder was found to be noticeably darker than the Hershey one and the house brand cocoa powder. Here, Valrhona Cocoa Powder (left) has reigned supreme over the Ghirardelli Cocoa Powder (right).Chocolate PowderAnd I brought out my other cheaper cocoa powder out for comparison sake…………. Top Left: Valrhona, Top Right: Hershey, Bottom Left: Local Store Brand (Market Basket), Bottom Right: Ghirardelli.Chocolate Powder1 As for price comparison…

1) Valrhona 4 oz @ $4.00 or $1.00 per oz or $15.99 per lb.

2) Ghirardelli 10oz @ $4.99 or $0.49 per oz or $7.98 per lb.

3) Hershey 8 oz @ $2.50 or $0.31 per oz or $5 per lb.

4) Store Brand (Market Basket) 8 oz @ $1.50 or $0.19 per oz or $3 per lb.

I’ve yet to bake with my Valrhona chocolate….. I would probably use the (Hershey) Black Magic Cake recipe again using Valrhona chocolates. Perhaps I could also make some decadent chocolate ice cream with the dark chocolate bar of Valrhona I have! =)


ween said...

hey! love this comparison of urs! i would do choc mousse to test them out... i am confident valrhona will win hands down!! With mousse, i feel that it brings the best out of chocs... but then again, i did not use powder but the couvertures... cant wait to hear the results!!!


Simply June said...

I found out that Hershey have something call the Special Dark, which is about $3.50-4.50 per can of 8 oz...not going to be crazy and buy it..though I wonder how dark is it!

too many stuff to make/bake this week.............

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