Saturday, June 27, 2009

Death By Chocolate!!

TRUST ME!BlackMagic1My recent Chocolate Cake was just chocolate over chocolate over chocolate! Chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache, and topped off with chocolate shavings. I finally use my Valrhona cocoa powder and dark chocolate bar! My chocolate cake was based on the so-far-no-fail-and-delicious Black Magic Cake recipe using Valrhona cocoa powder instead of Hershey. BlackMagicI baked a 4 inch mini round cake and a 8 inch square pan cake. The 8 inch cake came off perfectly, not quite for the 4 inch one which had some fugly edges The tops of the cakesweren’t as smooth as I would like it to be =p. I used the same chocolate ganache recipe used the last time to cover all the imperfections on the cakes. I was contemplating between trying out a Chocolate Mascarpone recipe and Ina Garten’s Chocolate Ganache recipe and decided to go just go with something I was more comfy with.


Seyda and Rob tried the cake, and I also gave them the mini 4 inch cake. I think they liked it and thought it was very good. Seyda commented that the cake was very dark (and rich?) in color. =) Hubby said it was better than the last time. As for me, I honestly can’t remember but I do think that the taste of the baking soda was not as strong this time compared to the last. I wonder if it was the Valrhona cocoa powder in the cake itself, that helped subdued the after taste of the baking soda. Or was it the extra Valrhona 64% or 65% Dark Cocoa chocolate shavings on top that played a part?  I used the same chocolate for the ganache like I did previously; Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet.

It was certainly a death by chocolate moment biting into the cake! Sinfully delicious!

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ween said...

the pics & ur descriptions alone makes me drool! looks really good! must try out ur magic recipe one day! :P

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