Monday, July 13, 2009

Tall Ships / Sail Boston 2009

Here are some pictures of the ships I saw yesterday at my first ever Tall Ships / Sail Boston event. The weather was totally on our side; NO RAIN! I got home all toasted from the bright and sunny weather we We walked and walked around by the harbor and city to catch a glimpse of the different ships visiting from around the world. We managed to get onto some ships for a short tour on the main deck and check out the good looking crews  magnificent craftsmanship of those vessels.

I’ll try my best to name these ships; correctly. =) As these sails are all stationary at their designated docks, the sails are not up. It would have been lovely to see the ship sails up. =)

1) Picton Castle (Left) from Cook Islands. Indeed a working tall ship. There are some interesting and intricate details on board.

2) Blue Nose II (Right) from Canada. Cute crews on board!! Very tempted to hide somewhere and sail with them to Halifax the next day! =)


3) Europa (Left) from Netherlands. This is my favorite one. Privately docked, no public tours. =(

4) Pride Of Baltimore (Center) from USA. **Dad, this is for you! Remember when we were at Baltimore, MD and we read about this ship? =). Privately docked, no public tours. =(

5) US Coast Guard Barque Eagle (Right) from USA. This one is quite magnificent too. Lines were too long, we did not hop on for a tour.


6) Belle Poule (Left) from France. This is one of the many privately dock ships.

7) Le Eithne (Right) from Ireland. This belongs to the Naval Service Fleet of Ireland and was built was a Helicopter Patrol Vessel. They were open for public tours (I think) but was closed when we got there and might have sailed to their next destination soon after.


And here are some random pictures I took from our day out in the city. =) Walking…Walking and more walking until our skins are crisp and our legs are numb =)

TallShips3 TallShips2TallShips4 TallShips5 TallShips6 TallShips7

And since I was drop dead tired, I suggested that we take “ship ride” back to our cars. Nobody objected to my suggestion, though we would have managed to drag ourselves back with the time we wasted waiting for the “ship”. It was a water shuttle/ ferry service provided by the state of Massachusetts to get from Long Wharf @ Boston to the Naval Yard @ Charlestown. It only cost us $1.70 for this breezy ride!


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