Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fish Curry

Malaysian curry is one dish I seldom cook from scratch……Especially when I can get hold of instant curry paste (though I usually need to import them from abroad). Malaysian curries are super delicious and most of them are very tedious to make and require a lot of prep work to cook up a pot of yummy curry. Thankfully, yummy ready made paste for lazy people like me is available! Hehe!

When using the instant curry paste, you do still need to add a few fresh ingredients on your own. I used A1 Curry Paste for Seafood (A1 Curry Paste is my favorite brand!) to cook some Fish Curry for dinner. I followed the instructions on the back of the package, and added some okra on my own to the curry. CurryFish Using the curry paste, I came up with a delicious pot of Fish Curry in no time! =) All I did was boiled some eggs and made some Lemon Rice to accompany the Fish Curry!CurryFish1Thank You A1 Curry Paste and thumbs up for this yummy curry!! =)

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