Monday, July 6, 2009

Lazy Monday

After enjoying a long weekend and not cooking I tend to get a wee bit lazy to cook on Monday! I’ll end up making something simple and quick or like today, leftovers which where still yummy….

I dug deep into my fridge (and my head) to see what I have and what I should make for dinner…… Then I saw the big bag of potatoes and thought about Bobby Flay’s grilled potatoes salad with lobster… As I did not have most of the ingredients to attempt his recipe, I decided to make my version of roast potatoes. Yet, half of me wanted mashed potatoes and I know hubby absolutely loves mashed potatoes. Unable to resist temptations,  I made both since I wasn’t making anything fancy for dinner and was just merely reheating frozen stuff and leftovers. =)

I’m thankful for Seyda who gave me some delicious Turkish dish from Friday’s lunch. I feel bad, not remembering the name of this baked yummy layered dish made from phyllo like dough (but thicker), feta cheese, yogurt, leek, spinach, etc….. It’s slightly like a lasagna, but different in its own yummy way!! Please make more of this Seyda!! =) I will happily finish the whole tray!!

So, tonight’s dinner was a combination of different stuff; Mashed Potatoes (Top Left), Crab Cakes (Top Right), Spiced Roasted Potatoes (Bottom Right) and "Turkish Lasagna” (Bottom Left). It looked and felt like I had some Tapas going on! =)


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