Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just Soup

With hubby gone on a business trip, I was in no mood to cook. I decided to make soup today. Creamy potato & bacon soup to be exact. I had a whole bag of potatoes and needed to use as much as I could before they start sprouting. With the last few bacon strips I have, 2 lbs of potatoes, some onions, celery, chicken bouillon cube and milk, I made myself a pot of creamy potato & bacon soup enough to last me 2-3 meals. =) Dinner7Mmm…..smooth creamy soup with chunks of potatoes, crispy bacon bits and chopped scallions which I threw into the soup before they ended up in my tummy! =)

Oh yeah…I gotta remember to make a container of green tea ice cream before I hit the sack tonite…Promised a friend I’ll make her some!

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