Friday, July 24, 2009

Hup Loong Belacan Chicken

Belacan is made from fermented ground shrimp which are sun dried, compressed then cut into blocks or these days there are also available in powder form. As nasty as it may sound, belacan can be found in many Malaysian (and maybe South East Asian) dishes and surprisingly makes them yummy! You may want to avoid cooking using belacan in tight / confined rooms as it will surely stink up the room /hallway etc. Make sure you have good ventilation when cooking dishes with belacan if you still want your neighbors (if you live abroad) to love you! =P

For dinner a couple nights ago, I went through my pantry and found a packet of Hup Loong Belacan Powder. It has been a long time since I had this Malaysian Nonya dish and I know hubby will love me for serving up some fried chicken!!Belacan ChickenAs this powder is already premixed and almost ready to go, all I did was cutting up some chicken, added a dash of sesame oil and pepper and followed the instructions on the back of the packet. Instead of deep frying the chicken, I shallow fried it using less oil since I cut up my chicken into almost bite size pieces. I served the chicken along with some fried vermicelli (bee hoon); my favorite!!Dinner5

The verdict on the belacan (fried) chicken; totally awesomeness! Crispy on the outside and moist in the inside. The pungent belacan chicken was so finger licking good!! MMm….. I’m drooling as I’m writing this entry… I want more belacan chicken!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where can we get Hup Loong Belacan Fried Chicken powder?

Simply June said...

I got it from a grocery store in Penang, Malaysia.

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