Sunday, July 5, 2009

It Wasn’t That Bad Afterall…..

Wimbledon + Breakfast + Lunch + Wine + Great Friends = AWESOME (FRIDAY) DAY!!

Beer + Kettle Corns + Pizza + Horror Movie + Great Friends = AWESOME (FRIDAY) NIGHT!!

Everyone had Friday July 3rd off since the next day was a public holiday. Our plans of going camping and leaving town for the weekend obviously did not happen with the weather threatening to spoil it. We still had fun, doing more indoor stuff and sneaking some outdoor activities in whenever the weather looked sunny! =)

The day started with some awesome breakfast plus lunch and oh yeah wimbledon semi-finals (on tv) at Seyda & Rob’s place.. Not forgetting the many bottles of wine we finished when we were there. We continued the second part of the day with an attempt to do some kayaking near my house. Unfortunately, they were not open (so much for open everyday Weds-Sunday till the sun sets!) Boo!

Kettle Corn Beer

We ended up heading to my place with a couple bottles of quite expensive yet unique beer! Hubby set us up for a scary/horror movie to watch. I made from kettle corns  (yes, from scratch…..which I still need to prefect the recipe before sharing). And before I know it….we were all munching on kettle corn (and later wings & pizza), tasting / testing beer and (for me) one hand covering my eyes  anticipating scary looking figures to pop out!

Nothing much happened over the weekend except indulging in more food on Saturday and a trip to Home Depot to get some paint for a room makeover! =) … Sunday was a stay-at-home-day with Wimbledon in the morning! And it was worth watching the longest Wimbledon match with Roger Federer winning to claim his 15th grand slam title! =)

PS: I’ll try to do a write up on those beer we tried that night later! =)….

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