Monday, July 20, 2009

Designing On A Dime??

Over the weekend, hubby and I went around looking for decorative stuff for our dining room makeover. We hit several stores including Ikea and JC Penny. We did not allocate a specific budget for this room makeover, just merely buying stuff which are affordable (and hopefully on sale) and fits in with our color scheme and idea.

One blank/white canvas wall has been painted “Gobi Desert” (that’s the name of the paint color which resembles light taupe, maybe?). We’re changing the curtains, adding some decorative pieces on the newly painted wall. And getting new light fixture. That was at least the basic idea.

I got some curtains that tie together some wooden furniture in the kitchen/dining and the new wall color. It was on 50% off and the color seem to work. At least it was true, before we scored some awesome bar stools from Ikea. Now the curtain seem out of place and will be returned to the shop. I’m on a mission to hunt down curtains AGAIN…something affordable and contemporary looking.

Oh yea, our new bar stools were originally $90 a piece…WE BOUGHT THEM FOR $41.90 EACH!!! We saved more than 50% for some good looking bar stools. It was never in the plan to change out bar stools we had, though I never liked them much for fear of toppling over once I get my butt on it. Though we got the bar stools and its cushion cover from the “As Is” corner, the only thing wrong with our new bar stools ($38.90 each) were that they were missing their packaging. There weren’t any blemish or imperfection on them and best part it’s all assembled! We paid $2 each for the cushion covers which was being discontinued. Again nothing wrong with them, just maybe the colors or fabric were being discontinued.

Here’s one of my new bar stool against my newly painted “Gobi Desert” wall! =)IkeaWe also found a big black frame with glass missing from the same “As Is” for $5. The missing glass was fine by me, as I do not like the glares from the glass. We bought some fabric from Ikea to come up with a new piece of artwork to hang above our fireplace. For about $10, we proudly created our very own (unique?) masterpiece which (we think) made our living looked larger. It’s about time we have a large piece of something above our fireplace. =)

 Ikea1 Ikea2

I have more fabric which I will be framing up to make more decorative pieces around the house! Now all I really need is to find some matching curtains that will tie in the following colors; red, off-white, light taupe, black/black-brown. Other wall decorative accent pieces should be fairly easy. I forgot about a new light fixture that I wanna get and also a new backsplash for my kitchen… Hehe!Ikea3 Oh yeah…….. I guess I now need to shop for more decorative accesories for my living room as well! =)

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Adeline said...

wow.... very nice!!!! I love the style... very contemporary looking. seriously, u r like a mini martha now. :)))))

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