Thursday, July 23, 2009

Green Tea Ice Cream (I)

I finally found some green tea powder at an Asian grocery store. At last, I have my missing ingredient to churn out some green tea ice cream and green tea flavored cakes! Yums!!! This bag of green tea powder from Taiwan cost me $7, but I should be able to make several rounds of dessert with it!Green Tea Ice CreamMy taste testers (hubby and Chris) thought that my homemade green tea ice cream was pretty good! I do have to agree and I’m happy that my first attempt of the green tea ice cream was a success! Just like the ice cream we get in the restaurants! I do however want to reduce some sugar while hubby suggests that I should increase the green tea powder. So, I gather I will need another try with the recipe before sharing! =)Green Tea Ice Cream1Since I had Chris over for dinner, I decided to serve my green tea ice cream in these cute ice cream bowls. They were gifts from Chris for my birthday! Aren’t they the cutest (Williams-Sonoma) ice cream bowls ever?? =) Thanks again, Chris!Bowl

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