Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I found out that Friday’s is having a BYOB (Bring Your Buddies) Promotion. All you need to do is print out the coupon HERE, bring your buddies (to a participating Friday’s) and take $5 off each of your buddies’ entrees. I think would be a great reason to get together with friends! =) Hurry up and hit your nearest Friday’s location!


PS: I’m not in any way affiliated with Friday’s..just merely passing the word around to save a few bucks! =)


Adeline said...

I heard about this deal on the radio this morning. They constantly have the buy one entree free one entree deal as well. The Fridays in our town has very poor food quality. We went there a while ago and I vowed never to go back there again. Maybe I should try a different Fridays?

Simply June said...

Yea u should... I've always loved Fridays.... =).. except the one in Niagara Falls where the price is double/triple!!

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