Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Birthday Cake!

I think I’ve self appoint myself to be the birthday cake baker! I’ve been volunteering to bring/bake birthday cake for my friends whenever I attend their birthday celebration….provided I have the time to do so of course!

I enjoy making cakes look pretty and I do try to make them look as delectable as possible during special occasions like birthdays or holidays. I probably could make them pretty every time I bake a cake…but then those special occasion cakes won’t be that special anymore, right?


Last week, we celebrated Chris’ XXth Birthday……. Lets not review his age here and lets just say he doesn’t look his age! I made my green tea chiffon cake (now my favorite cake!) to celebrate his birthday at Fugakyu Restaurant. I baked the chiffon cake in a regular round pan (my second time) and it turned out great again!

I sliced the cake into half and filled the middle with some freshly whipped cream and sliced fresh strawberries. I frosted the outside with more freshly whipped cream and lined the outside with some chocolate pieces. Initially, I wanted to do the lazy and quick way by getting fresh lady fingers from the store to line the outside of the cake. I couldn’t find any at the store. So, I decided to put a little more effort, melted some bittersweet chocolate, spread them onto a baking sheet lined with foil, let them harden and arranged them along the sides of the cake.

To top off the cake……. more strawberries! Luscious strawberries and dark chocolate along with a red ribbon (to hold the chocolate) around the cake surely made the cake look deliciously tempting! Yums! The birthday boy and girl (we ended up celebrating 2 birthdays that night!) enjoyed the birthday cake! Yay! It was plenty to feed 15 guests! =)


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Mrs. Green said...

dood this is gorgeous!

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