Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pick Pockets @ Newport, RI

Updated November 17, 2009. Corrected the website! Thanks, George @ Pick Pockets for pointing this out!

I’m not talking about someone who swiftly reach into your pocket/purse and empty it out while you’re not looking! This Pick Pockets is a wrap/sandwich place located in the Historical part of Newport, MA.

I stumbled upon Pick Pockets when I was strolling along this quaint little town looking for some takeout lunch while waiting for my friends Derrick & Audrey who was having lunch in a restaurant nearby. I was playing tour guide that day and did not want to join them for lunch since I have my “assistant” Brady with me and I did not want to abandon him in the car!


From the first look, I wasn’t too impress with the first look of the deli, maybe because it was a weekday and past lunch hour. But the sign for $9 Lobster Roll (and apparently voted the best in Newport) caught my attention! After walking up and down the street looking for other options, I decided to give this place a try. Being a lobster lover and fan of delicious deals….I couldn’t pass up the deal for $9 Lobster Roll, one of the cheapest priced Lobster Rolls I’ve seen! Lobster Rolls are usually priced about $12 - $16. The cheapest one I’ve had was $8 in Kittery, ME and it wasn’t that good.

Pick Pockets had an assortment of delicious wraps and it seems like they specialize in Vegetarian Wraps. They have more than 10 different kind of Vegetarian Wraps which were featured first on their menu. They also have a variety of chicken, beef and cold cut wraps. All sounded equally yummy. But my eyes and tummy were hooked on the Lobster Roll. Although I took my lobster roll to go, there were plenty of places to sit in the deli.


Here’s my Lobster Roll, it looked a little messy as I did not carry it properly between trying to untie Brady and carrying my Lobster Roll. I remember being charged about $10.75 for the Lobster Roll, that meant the roll was about $10 (assuming there’s tax) instead of $9 (as advertised outside?). Maybe I did not read the fine line or something, but the roll was still cheap. And it was YUMMY!!!!

The lobster roll was served in a toasted & buttered hot dog bun (with pieces of Romaine Lettuce) …just the way it’s supposed to be and the way I like it! There were plenty of lobster meat (mostly the pincers) and it was nice that the meat were all large and not chopped up finely unlike other places. Pick Pockets are serious about their lobster roll, keeping it to the minimum. The lobster was dressed in minimal mayonnaise and no other ingredients except maybe salt and pepper. It was definitely one of the best Lobster Roll I’ve tasted! The guy did put pickles on my roll, which I picked out later. I would definitely go back to this place for it’s Lobster Roll and perhaps try their Falafel Wrap!

Check out their website HERE. Their branch in Newport is located at :

190 Thames St
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 619-1973

Oh yeah, the guy who made my lobster roll was friendly and kind hearted. It was drizzling outside and I had Brady with me. I did not want to bring Brady into the restaurant so I tied him at the patio outside which had a little awning to shelter him from the rain. The guy was nice to tell me that I could bring Brady into his restaurant and that he didn’t mind that! Two Thumbs up for Mr. Nice Guy @ Pick Pockets!!! I didn’t bring Brady him since I was doing a take out! It was a nice gesture nevertheless!

Note: Newport, RI is one of my favorite place to visit. It’s exceptionally beautiful in the summer!! There’re beautiful mansions and coastlines along with the quaint historical town! =)


Unknown said...

hi thanks for the write up i just stumbled upon it. I am I am a believer in karma and thats why i treat equally even animals. Unfortunately you have the wrong website attached to the blog, it should be

the nice guy behind the counter

Simply June said...

Hello George/Mr. Nice Guy! Thank you for stopping by my amateur (food) blog. I've corrected the website address, sorry about that! =) Next time, I'll be there to try out for falafel wraps! =)

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