Monday, November 2, 2009

Sightseeing Venice – Oct 5 & 6, 2009

I’ve always wanted to go Venice and I’m glad we managed to sneak Venice in during our Europe trip! Here are some pictures we took during our less than 24 hours stay in Venice!


Venice is famous for its Venetian Masks (Above) and you’ll definitely see plenty of these beautiful masks on the streets on Venice. Some of these masks are hand made using the traditional paper mache way, some adorned with Swarovski Crystals, some just too pretty, and some just plain odd. We did not get any masks as we don’t know how to carry them without crushing them in our backpacks! =)


Random picture of the many canals (Top Left) that surround Venice. View of the Grand Canal (Top Right) from the Rialto Bridge.


Shops on Rialto Bridge (Top Left). There were just so many stuff to see and buy! Rialto Bridge (Top Right) is one of the four bridges that span across the Grand Canal and is the oldest and most famous in Venice. The present bridge today was completed in 1591.


Another random view of a canal from yet another bridge in Venice (Top Left). Basilica di San Marco (Top Right) which was rebuilt in 1063 to form the basis of the present basilica. Unfortunately we arrived just in time for its doors to close for the day!


Another random view of a canal and bridge (Top Left) in Venice. Torre Dell' Orologio/St. Mark's Clock (Top Center) which was built and installed between 1496 and 149. St Mark’s Square (Top Right) also known as Piazzale San Marco in Italian. The St Mark’s Campanile is on the left, the Basilica is in the middle and Doge’s Palace in on the right.


Closer view of the details on Basilica di San Marco (Top Left). Doge’s Palace (Top Left) which was largely constructed from 1309 – 1424. This is a gothic palace in Venice and was the residence of the Doge of Venice.


View of some gondolas and San Giorgio Maggiore is an island of Venice (Top Left). We did not sit in one as we wanted to save money. Gondola rides are said to cost about Euro 80 for a 40 minutes ride. We’ve sat in a fake gondola in Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and that was sufficient, I guess!

Another picture of Gondolas with Santa Maria della Salute (Church) in the background (Top Right). What is Venice without it’s world famous Gondolas? =)


Mrs. Green said...

hehehe, ya know we got a cheapo gondola ride when the gondolier saw we were poor students who were literally pooling together all our pennies for one the photos babe! sigh...miss our food conversations...

Simply June said...

yea... that's what kelvin's cousin asks us to say too.. that we were students..........oh well my gondola ride in las vegas 4 years ago would have to do it! haha.........

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