Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black Seed Cafe @ Boston, MA

 BlackSeedCafeWe went to Black Seed Cafe for a quick bite 30 minutes before our Cranberries concert a few weeks ago. This cafe was within 2 minutes from the Park Street Station and within 5 minutes walk from the Orpheum Theater where the concert was held.

There weren’t much seating inside and whatever available tables were taken. We were however lucky to get a tiny table for 4 of us to squeeze into minutes after we got inside. There were a good range of sandwiches and wraps to choose from. Everything sounded very yummy…all of us had a hard time choosing what to eat for dinner! We ordered and paid at the cashier. Since it was our first time there, we weren’t sure what was the “protocol”. We weren’t given a receipt or told anything. So, we took a seat, kept our eyes at the pick up station and kept our ears open. They finally called our order and gave us the hand signal to pick up our wraps a couple minutes later.

I was actually torn between a Falafel wrap and a Chicken Kebab Wrap, both priced at $6.50. In fact all, their hot wraps are priced at $6.50. I ended up with a Chicken kebab Wrap (Bottom Left) and asked the cashier if I could do a combo, with Falafel inside! He said yes and that each falafel cost $0.50. I got 2 falafels inside my Chicken Kebab Wrap.

Falafel is a middle eastern dish and is a deep fried patty made with spiced chickpeas and / or fava beans. The wrap was pretty good. The chicken was fragrant and moist. The falafels were also flavorful and just simply yummy. Honestly, the Chicken Kebab we had in Florence was still hands down better but the chicken was done differently.  But, I was surely thrilled that I was able to have both the chicken and the falafel in one wrap!!

Hubby on the order hand ordered the Lamb Kebab (Bottom Right), also priced at $6.50. I did not try hubby’s wrap as I don’t take lamb. Hubby said it was good and he too thought the yummy Chicken Kebab we had in Florence, Italy a month ago was still the beset. Seriously it was so good, I think we went back there 2-3 times!!!!!


Well, if you’re in Boston…near the Boston Common or looking for a place for a quick bite before a show or a concert (like us), head to Black Seed Cafe for some yummy wraps.

131 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 338-0024

Check out their website HERE.

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