Friday, November 13, 2009

Affordable Korean Meal @ Home

During our visit to H-Mart grocery store, we spotted some yummy pre-marinated meat (pork, chicken and beef), Korean style. You know those kind of meat you would order at a Korean BBQ, cost you easily $12 -$25 (depending on choice of meat and how pricey the place is) per plate and that’s usually enough for 1 person.

It has been a while since hubby and I had some good ol’ Korean BBQ…so we decided to pick a choice of pre-marinated meat and cook it ourselves at the comfort of our home. The pre-marinated meat are all pre-packaged individual containers and sold by their weight. Different meat and cuts are priced differently with Beef Short Ribs (Kalbi) being the most expensive. We got a container of pre-marinated pork sliced butt @ $3.99 per lb. For a little more than $5, we got plenty of meat more than enough for the 2 of us. We bought some romaine lettuce to wrap the meat in and a Korean Fish Cake @ $3.99 to try.


We took out our griddle which we’ve used many times to “grill” meat indoors. I cooked some rice,  prepared some vegetables, made some sauce and we’re ready to start cooking!!


The pork was so so yummy! Very flavorful (and well marinated), tender and definitely very affordable! We wrapped the cooked pork in a piece of romaine lettuce, over some rice, a dap of homemade sauce and some green onions. Our whole dinner cost us less than $12 and that includes a bottle of beer each!! =) Hubby even had a Korean lunch to take to work the next day!

We will surely go back for their pre-marinated meat. Perhaps we will try other cuts/meat next time. I can’t wait for the next time we have a Korean BBQ party perhaps? This host won’t need to do much cooking this time! Haha!


JW Tay said...

LOL! Looks so nice la..
How I wish that you are at Malaysia, so I can try it. =)

zy said...


Simply June said...

u guys come... i'll make it!.. or shall I say...I'll buy some and we'll cook at home

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