Wednesday, November 11, 2009

H-Mart @ Burlington, MA

HMartHEAVEN! We found out that this little piece of food (grocery) heaven just opened in Burlington, MA (about 15-20 minutes outside Boston). H-Mart is a large Asian grocery store specializing in Korean groceries and carry a good range of Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian as well as Indian food stuff!

We’ve heard about H-Mart opening a branch just outside Boston early this year but never heard a single thing about its grand opening and thought that with the economy doing not so well, they might have cancelled the plan. We soon found out that they’ve indeed arrived in Burlington, MA and actually just opened their doors sometime in September.

Hubby and I drove to H-Mart over the weekend. Parking was big, but still not enough to hold the many shoppers who throng the store. You got to literally fight for parking in the lot and also fight your way through the grocery aisles. It was quite packed!

The prices were surprisingly very reasonable if not very competitive! Yay, this is definitely to my advantage. There’s a corner filled with a delectable variety of Korean side dishes such as KimChi. The fresh seafood aisle was awesome; lots of varieties (fish, shellfish, etc) to choose from, cheap, clean and FRESH! The vegetable and fruit corner was pretty impressive too. A case of those luscious Korean Pears are about $22.99. I’m so going to get a case of that during my next visit!! They even had a corner selling some appliances, cookware and other household items.

Oh yeah, there were even a bakery and food court which offers Korean, Japanese and Indian food in this grocery store. The only drawback of the food court, seating is limited. But I heard the food is great!

H-Mart is open from 8am – 9pm everyday. My friends suggest to go early to avoid the crowds. The building is not quite visible from the main street. It is however in the same area as the Market Basket in Burlington, the H-mart is located behind that Market Basket. I think you have to personally visit H-Mart to see how impressive this grocery store is.

Check out H-Mart’s Burlington, MA location HERE.

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