Sunday, November 1, 2009

2009 Halloween Dinner

Halloween this year seemed like nothing to us.  In previous years, we will get a wig and hang out in town. The first year, we had a dinner party at Kristen’s and hung out around witch town Salem. The second year, we had a dinner party at Seyda’s and hung out around Cambridge. Both years, we bought wigs or masks to dress up. That’s the extent of our Halloween costumes! =)

This year’s Halloween, it was at my place…dinner with close friends and a horror movie marathon. Since we weren’t home during Halloween the past 2 years, we weren’t sure if kids would be going ringing our door bell. We prepared some candy nevertheless and hope for some cutely dressed up kids to scream “Trick or Treats”!… Well, none came and I was left with a bunch or candies! I shall try to bring them to my local library!! =)


I planned for a 6 course meal for Halloween and ended up with a 5 course meal. It was not because I ran out of time that I only made 5 dished instead or 6. I overestimated the food (pasta to be exact) and thought that we already had more than enough food for 5. I made all the food from scratch (ok, I did not make the pizza dough) in 3 hours. =) Nothing creepy about the menu…but can I claim, they were delicious? Oh yeah, I gave my guests packets of treats as well. =)

Here’s what I made:

1) Pincho de Tortillas de Patatas (Left): Omelet Potatoes, inspired by our visit to Barcelona, Spain! I will share this recipe later!

2) Cream of Celery (Right): Celery Soup. I accidentally added a lil too much milk. It was not as thick as I wanted, nevertheless still good and “celery-ey”.


3) Pizza Ai Funghi (Left): That was a fancy Italian name for Mushroom Pizza. We had the best Mushroom Pizza in Rome, Italy….I wanted to recreate it. It was good, but still not like the ones we had! I used fresh mushrooms (sautéed prior) this time. It was better than the canned mushrooms I used the first time.

4) Lobster & Asparagus Macaroni (Right): Kraft’s Mac & Cheese where it’s all orang-y scares me! This is my version, perhaps a little more grown up? =)

MushroomPizza  MacNCheese

5) Crème Brulee (Below): I was nervous how this will turned out. It was my first time making one of my favorite dessert. Thankfully it was a success. I pulled off the crystallized/caramel top by broiling the sugar covered top under the broiler. I have a blow torch, but I think I do not have propane in it! The broiler worked out just fine! =)


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