Saturday, September 12, 2009

Would You Invite Me To Your Party?

CakeTrufflesAnd I’ll  bring over some delicious decadent homemade cake truffles (will share recipe for the cake truffles in another post)? That’s what I made and brought over to my neighborhood (well, not really) block party today. Hubby and I got invited to a neighborhood block party today though we don’t really live on that same street/section. We walked Brady around the neighborhood so often, that we soon make friends with some of the friendly faces on that street and got invited to their street party! How cool and nice is that!

Rain or shine (it rained!!), nothing was stopping the neighbors from coming out, hanging out and mingling / getting to know each other. It was nice to see that everyone was such a sport and participated in this potluck event even with the inclement weather! There were lots of food, neighbors and of course BEER! It was funny how people sort of remembers us by Brady, “the little white dog”.

Everyone else were like “we live across from here” or “that blue house there is ours” or “we live at the end of this street”, etc…. When it was our turn to introduce ourselves and where we live, it truly sounded like we were crashing a party……coz we lived no where near them…at least not in that same section where the party was held! =p

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