Sunday, September 20, 2009

Learning The Family Secret Recipe

My MIL taught me her famous Kuih Bangkit recipe while she was here. Kuih Bangkit is a traditional cookie served in many homes during Chinese New Year. This light cookie is made from tapioca flour and will crumble and melt in your mouth!

I will not be sharing MIL’s exact recipe as this is her secret recipe and her kuih bangkits are very sought after! I’ve read other Kuih Bangkit recipes HERE and HERE and those recipes call for margarine and powdered sugar; a lil’ different from my MIL’s version. My MIL’s Kuih Bangkit recipe uses just tapioca flour, coconut milk, pandan leaves, egg yolks and sugar.KuihBangkitI was finally able to use the Kuih Bangkit mould Anna sent me ages ago. At first, it was tough to remove the dough from the mould. So, we decided to roll and cut the cookies using cookie cutters. The cookies took a longer time to bake and cook. It took us a couple tries to make the cookies cook/bake just right. Even so, the roll and cut cookies are not as good as the ones MIL used to make using the Kuih Bangkit moulds. The cut and roll cookies were hard and crunchy.


We decided to give the mould another try, dusting more flour into the mould this time for easy removal. It worked perfectly this time and after baking, we found out that it was perfect! The new “molded” cookies were just perfect, light, slightly hard on the outside yet crumble in the inside! YUMS!!! It was definitely different and better from the roll and cut cookies!

 KuihBangkit3 KuihBangkit2

The freshly baked cookies are already running out! I would have to attempt another batch on my own soon! Again sorry, I’m not able to share this recipe. After all, it’s a family secret! =P.


Eve said...

You MUST try and get your hands on (antique) traditional wooden moulds.


They're much more intricate (and harder to knock out from) and beautiful once done correctly :D

Simply June said...

i know.. gonna sapu from my mom on my next trip home.. hehe

Anonymous said...

My heart sinks when I read that you are not going to share your recipe. Knowledge is for sharing friend…

I tried to bake kuih bangkit several times and none of my cookies has the melt in your mouth texture. They only melt in my mouth after a while and they are somewhat crispy. I use cookies cutter by the way.

Some says the secret is in the kneading, I can only guess from your blog that it may have something to do with the mold used.

Looks like I have to search elsewhere and keep on trying. Or I may as well give up and move on to other recipe….


Simply June said...


I know knowledge is for sharing...hence I've been sharing many different stuff here.

This is however my in-law's recipe and she sells her cookies. It wouldn't be very nice for me to share her recipe. I'm so sorry.

I can tell you that my in-law was very particular about kneading the dough. She does not want me to mix the remnants of the ones I've been using with the remaining "untouched" dough. And yes, I guess the rolling (and cutting) the dough using cookie cutters makes the cookie dense and hard.

Perhaps, I can try some other recipes and see what result I can get. Thanks for visiting the site and for understanding!

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