Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures From The Dessert Showcase

Here are some pictures from the dessert showcase…. I’m too lazy to post all the pictures I snapped that day….so here are some highlights.

Dessert6 Dessert7

The pictures above are from the Simply Divine Brownies booth based in Maine where they offer brownies in various shapes, sizes and decorations. Interesting party favors.

Dessert9 Dessert1

The left picture above is the Finale Desserterie where they specializes in gourmet dessert. This is one of my favorite place in Boston. Their desserts are to-die-for. During the dessert showcase, they were giving out a flourless chocolate cake….it was SO RICH it tasted like chocolate paste. Hubby and I could not finish the tiny cup of decadent chocolates. Picture on right, Biga Breads; did not try the samples, coz there were only one left..plus the vibrant colored cupcakes scared me! hehe!

Dessert2 Dessert3

Cholives (Left) is a newly launched company about pairing chocolates with cocktails and wine. Their rum truffles were pretty yummy! Party Favors was quite generous with their samples. Cupcakes were huge and ok-lah! I could replicate the cupcake deco at home!

Dessert4 Dessert5

Simply Dahlicious has probably one of the nicer setups. The cupcakes were cute with the colored paper band around them. Weren’t very generous with their samples at first; we were given just a tiny piece from a cupcake.

 Dessert10 Dessert11

Strawberry Hill Confectionary (Left); this booth has one of the neatest product. Easy tea on the go! You just need hot water and a cup. Swirl the “tea” in hot water and drink the sweetened tea once all the “tea” has dissolved. They were pretty good too!

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