Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeling The Love…

I’ve been getting pressies (I love getting presents…who don’t?) these few days…. Nope, it’s not my birthday or anniversary… They were thank you gifts from my In-laws and my friend in South Korea. THANK YOU for these lovely gifts!!

My in-laws got me this uber cool commemorative 2009 US Open Nike Sweater. How sweet and thoughtful of them to get me this lovely jacket!! =) This jacket is definitely more feminine than the Roger Federer one I initially wanted….

                                      **Images borrowed from www.tenniswarehouse.com**

The In-laws wanted to get the Roger Federer’s US Open warm up jacket I set my eyes on at the US Open but they couldn’t find it anywhere online. I was contemplating about getting that jacket, but wasn’t willing to fork USD 90 for it. I passed that (golden?) chance on buying that jacket which was (apparently) limited and only available there and then on the stadium grounds.

Nike   US Open 2009 Tennis Collection**Image borrowed from www.freshnessmag.com**

Hubby got me this instead during our visit to the US Open…YES, I’m obsessed with Roger Federer  (and I’m secretly praying that I’ll see him in Zurich airport during my Euro trip)! I think he’s cute!! Too bad he’s married with twin girls he did not win the US Open this year. Del Potro played very well and deserve to win this year!

**Image borrowed from www.tenniswarehouse.com**

A few days ago, my friend Ji-Hoon (technically he’s hubby’s friend) from Korea sent me a bottle of bubbly sparkling wine as a thank you gesture for some favors he’s about to ask me to do! =P. Have yet to open the bottle, but I’m sure it’ll be lovely! Yes, Ji-Hoon..we’ll see you in Korea..hopefully SOON!!

I’m a happy girl! And this happy girl is counting down to her Euro Trip!! =) Now….should I start planning for a trip to Korea? =P

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