Sunday, July 19, 2009

Of Sand Sculptures & Beaches….. Part One

We went to Revere Beach on Saturday to catch the annual Sand Sculptures Competition. Revere Beach which I found out was the America’s first public beach and is just minutes away from Boston.

The weather that morning was gloomy (and it rained the night before)…but by noon it cleared up and was hot and sunny!

Here are the sand sculptures we saw….. I had expected to see more and was slightly disappointed that there were only 8 competitors…=(.. I forgot to take notes on the name of the creations and the sculptors….

RevereBeach RevereBeach1

I love the “Bird Man” looking sculpture, but I think the Pyramid-Dragon one won second place. I found out that the sand sculpture was called "Ouroboros: Life, Rebirth, and Stuff" and the sculptor is Dan Belche.

RevereBeach2 RevereBeach3 

The snowman-looking one is cute, but the “Broken Mirror” sculpture was one of my favorite and the winning sand sculpture. It was called “Mirror” and was created by Sue McGrew.

RevereBeach5 RevereBeach6

I kinda like the lizard looking sculpture too, however the wizard looking one called “Face Plant” by Dan Doubleday took third place.

RevereBeach7     RevereBeach4

It’s truly amazing how those sculptors could carved intricate details out of sand! And I can’t even manage a sand castle!! =P

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