Friday, July 17, 2009

Lucky Winner!

Last month, Lilia @ MySweetHeartsBakery held a contest and had her readers vote on some new headers for her blog. In return, a winner will be picked randomly to win some adorably cute cupcake liners! I jumped in and voted for the header I love the most. At the end of the contest… I found out I was the lucky winner!! Yay!! Boy, was I excited!! I almost never win stuff and I was surely excited when I found out I won something!! Hehe!

After Lilia told me that she had shipped the package, I checked my mailbox almost every day. Hehe! I finally got my surprised from Aussie land yesterday……… And it was more than just beautiful cupcake liners!! She even sent me some cookie cutters!!!! Awesomeness!!!

 Cupcake Liners Cupcake Liners1

Thanks for much Lilia for sending these lovely stuff all the way from Australia! You made my day!! I can’t wait to bake some cakes in those pretty cupcake liners!!! =)

Here’s the new winning header that’s up on Lilia’s site now…… I love how she composed and set up everything in that picture. It reminded me something you get off the Martha Stewart’s magazine!



Lilia said...

omg omg! that's great you got them! i was so worried they might get squashed or something. lol :P

i added two cookie cutters that i thought you might like. I had extra and some space in the box :P
and i love the picture of those polka dot liners!!!!

ween said...

ooohhhh yeah!!!! hehehe reading ur blog makes me feel just as excited!!! heheheeh

congrats and they look great!!! nice nice!!

Simply June said...

Lilia: Yes, I got them.....all perfectly fine! =) Thanks again for sending them!!

Ween: I don't win stuff whenever I do.. I get super excited!! hehe! =)

Eve said...

:D They're really cute!

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