Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sea Swirl @ Mystic, CT


Hubby and I decided to have dinner @ Sea Swirl in Mystic, CT recently. This seafood joint has been on the Food Network; Rachel Ray’s $40 A Day. The restaurant features outdoor sitting only and is slightly further than the main touristy places in Mystic. After watching Rachel Ray raving about the place a few years back, we always wanted to give it a try.

Here’s what we ordered and food was made to order;

1) Fried Clam Strips @ $9.80 – I think the place is famous for its clams. There were 2 kinds of friend clams; Fried Clam Strips (which we ordered) & Fried Belly Clams (maybe they were famous for this?). It was my first time (or maybe second) time having fried clams. It was just ok. The clams are coated in some corn meal (i think) then fried to golden brown. It’s crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside. The clams were priced kind of high for a small portion of it. But, hubby and I know they can be rather expensive after our fresh clams buying experience for clam chowder @ $5 per lb.SeaSwirl32) Fish & Chips Dinner @ $12.95 – Fish was super fresh. Light golden crispy batter coating a piece of fresh moist juicy fish. The fried fish however was a little on the oily side. The dinner came with some crispy fries which were alright, lemon and some tartar sauce. SeaSwirl23) Lobster Roll @ $14.95. My first time ordering/eating a lobster roll. The bread/roll was tiny, and it was topped with large chunks of lobster (claw meat) salad. There were some celery in the lobster salad, and maybe a tiny bit of onion. The lobster roll was not bad, although it did not fill me up. For $14.95, I wished they included some lobster tail in it, rather than just the claw meat. Perhaps, lobsters are kinda pricey now since they are not really in season. Overall not too bad, better if it could fill me up!! Haha!SeaSwirl4Check out their menu HERE. We’re not sure if we’ll be back again…… there are many more seafood joints around Mystic, CT that we ought to try!

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