Monday, June 22, 2009

Glenwood Drive-In @ Hamden, CT

While waiting for hubby to finish work at his vendor’s place, Brady and I drove around Hamden, CT to kill time and grab lunch. After Googling for some places to eat near the hotel, Glenwood Drive-In seem to intrigue me and being just 1 mile away from the hotel; that was where I was going to grab lunch!

The place was bustling with lunch crowd, but the line moved quickly. The eatery looked a little blah from the outside, the inside nothing to shout about well except for its impressive McDonald’s like computerized ordering system. I was in and out of the place within 10 minutes. The staff weren’t that friendly, and they even forgot the cheese for my cheese fries. Since I ate lunch in the car (as I have Brady with me), I had to go in and get my paid yet forgotten cheese. The cook who greeted me didn’t look at all happy! =p

Glenwood3 Glenwood

Though the place was voted for its hot dog, I saw something else on the menu that I really really really want to eat! Soft Shell Crab Sandwich @ Market Price @ $10.95 (or was it $11.95?) and Cheese Fries @ $3.25. Price was pretty steep for the sandwich, but the fried soft shell crab was good! Size of the crab was big and had a light yet crispy batter on the outside. The crab was indeed fresh and moist. YUMS!! The pathetic part was, my soft shell crab sandwich came with 2 slices of white toast and mayo or something. And of yea, 2 slices of lemon. The white toasts were very sad looking, and it felt like it was just there to soak up the oil from the deep fried soft shell crab. There weren’t any condiments; tomatoes, lettuce…. to go with it. They should have just called it Fried Soft Shell Crab, and skip the disappointment.

The fries were pretty good. French cut but thicker than how most places would serve theirs. Crispy and hot on the outside and moist in the inside. As for the cheese for the fries, nothing to shout about. But I do love dipping my fries in some good warm cheese!

Glenwood1 Glenwood2

This place is more dine-in friendly. For my takeout food, all they had was a piece of foil for me to cover the food. No bag what so ever.

I saved hubby half my sandwich for him to try, since he’s also a big fan of soft shell crab. He loved it, and also complimented how big and fresh the crab was. He too, mentioned that it was a pathetic looking sandwich! =p

Check out their menu HERE. You can also head to the ice cream parlor next door after lunch. 

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