Sunday, June 7, 2009

It Was Exactly A Year Ago……

………... when my friend, Ying and I woke up at 6 am in the morning to get ready for the arrival of the hair and make up artist at 7am. The whole house was bustling and everyone was wide awake, getting ready for the arrival of the groom, my hubby. Although hubby and I have been legally married for 1.5 years prior to June 7, 2008; we had only held our wedding reception and did all the customary Chinese wedding tradition then.

It took me almost a year to plan out my wedding reception and the sorts….. It was tough planning the wedding from aboard arriving just 2 weeks before it to finalize stuff. Thankfully I have the tremendous love, help and support from my family, in-laws and friends, especially Ween. THANKS AGAIN, GUYS!! In just a glimpse, everything I’ve planned for the past year came to an end. Thanks to Ke Wynn of Whizarts Photography, family and friends, I now have beautiful wedding pictures to relive every moment of it.

Wedding reception was held at a Charming Historical Hotel; E & O Hotel, Penang. I’ve been in love with the architecture of the building since forever; I just had to have our wedding reception there!

Here are some pictures taken exactly a year ago, today. These are just 5 of hundreds of pictures Ke Wynn took of us and the wedding that day.  Sorry, the bride and groom are a little “blog shy”. =P All photo credits from this post goes to Whizarts Photography. 


Whizarts_0267 Whizarts_0339

Many thanks to each of you (and you know who you are!) who in many ways made my wedding day memorable! =) Oh yeah….. Happy “Anniversary”, darling.. =)..


ween said...

happy happy anniversary!! i was just thinking of u late last night.. an easy date to remember... 060708! Time really flies!!! But everything is still really clear from that date - especially the break door session! Kelvin & gang rulezzz!!!

happy anniversary both of u...... have a great one!

Lilia said...

Happy anniversary!

ps: i LOVE your cheong sam

Sher 'n Pete said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to you and Kelvin! Hope you like our card :D

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