Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dali Restaurant @ Somerville, MA

The four of us; Seyda, Rob, hubby and I went for some Spanish Tapas and Sangria @ Dali Restaurant recently. We’ve always drove past the place, heard good reviews about it and finally decided to try it out. Plus, hubby and I have never tried traditional Spanish Tapas. After all, we need to know what to expect when we travel to Spain in October, right..? =PDali4The outside of the building is painted purple and looked a little quirky. Staff were overall quite friendly and chirpy…… throwing in some Spanish words here and there. I did make a reservation, so we got our tables immediately. =) … The interior was dimly lit, with candle lights on each table, giving the place a very romantic feel. Walls were all decorated with art pieces and copper pots and pans especially where we were sat.

Basket of yummy bread with even yummy spread were brought out. I dun recall what kind of spread it was, definitely not your regular whipped butter/cheese spread….. We ordered 1 liter of Sangria which at first sounded a lot, but that did not last long and we ended up ordering another liter of it. I liked the way the Sangria was brought out in a porcelain? pitcher with a wooden spoon. It looked kinda funky and felt authentic perhaps? Their Sangria was pretty good…… and that’s why we ended having 2 liters of it! Prices goes by glass, 1 liter or 2 liters…. I think it was about $22 for 1 liter of Sangria.

Dali1      Dali2

All of us settled for some delicious Tapas….and here’s what we ordered.

1) Espárragos Asados Sobre Tostada (Grilled Asparagus on Tapenade Toast) @ $7.50  - I found this ok. Not a big fan of olives, but I just wanted to try it…. Large asparagus, pilled on a piece of toast with Tapenade spread. Asparagus was perfectly grilled. =)

2) Tortilla Española (Egg/Potato/Onion Omelette) @ $6.00 – This is not bad. Nothing to shout about. I think my friend, Chris has made this before and his was maybe a tad better. =)

3) Setas al Ajillo (Sautéed "Meaty" Mushrooms) @ 7.50 – This was really good. It was indeed “meaty mushroom…perhaps Portabella. Can’t really pin point what was used to cook the mushroom… but it was delish!

4) Buñuelos de Verdura (Cauliflower/Broccoli/Cheese Puffs) @ $ 5.50 – Oohh… This was one of my favorite. So good! The puff was fried golden brown, very light and fluffy.

5) Vieiras al Azafrán (Scallops in Saffron Cream) @ $8.50 – Another of my favorite. Scallop cooked just right. Sauce was damn good! I love the sauce so much, I end up soaking the sauce with the complimentary bread! Hehe!

6) Albóndigas de Salmón (Salmon Balls w/Caper Sauce) @ $8.50 – Another yummy Tapas.  It wasn’t processed as much as I thought it would, and felt like you’re eating chunks of fresh Salmon! =)YUMS!

7) Ravioles de Mariscos (Lobster/Crabmeat Ravioli w/Langostino Sauce) @ $8.50 – Not sure how authentic this dish is….. It’s yummy so who cares!! =P…

8) Conejo Escabechado (Braised Rabbit w/Red Wine, Juniper and Garlic) @ $8.50 – Hubby and Rob shared this. I can’t imagine myself eating a cute bunny. They said it was pretty good though…

9) Pato Braseado (Roast Duckling w/Berry Sauce)@ $9.00 – This was good. Skin was crispy, meat was still juicy and not gamey. Berry sauce complimented very well with the duck.

10) Croquetas de Pollo (Chicken Croquettes) @ $7.50. Not too bad…. There was a lot of one spice or herb in this crunchy on the outside and very moist in the inside croquette. I forgot which herb it was, maybe oregano?


I think those were what we ordered. Don’t think I missed out anything…. =) The food came out REALLY FAST! They either have plenty of chefs, good kitchen system or all they need was just reheating stuff? =P. All the hot Tapas came out steamy hot. Huge plus! I love my food hot!! =)

We saved some room for dessert. Seyda & Rob ordered Ubiquitous Flan with Caramel Sauce @ $5.50. I took a bite…. it was Yummily good! =) I think both of them enjoyed it as well.

Hubby and I ordered our favorite Churros ( Churros w/Warm Chocolate Sauce @ $7.50). Our waiter asked if we wanted Chocolate Sauce which was more traditional or Caramel sauce which was said to be better. I picked the more traditional choice; Chocolate Sauce. Churros were fresh from the fryer I suspect. Thin, crispy and lightly dusted with some (cinnamon?) sugar. This was good! I thought the chocolate sauce was a bit too runny for my liking though. However, hubby and I both agreed that the best Churros was still in Chicago!!! Dali

It was an awesome dining experience overall. Now, we are all so psyched and so looking forward to having Tapas & Sangria in Barcelona, Spain this October!! Anyone’s got any suggestions on the “where to" and what to” particularly in Barcelona ( and parts of Italy), drop me a note!

Check out Dali’s delicious menu HERE and pictures of the place HERE.

PS: Hubby and I found ourselves quite thirsty upon returning….. Not sure if it was just us… or  MSG what… The food wasn’t that salty…

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