Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dessert Truck @ New York, NY

After watching Bobby Flay’s Throw Down on Food Network a few months back, I was determined to find the Dessert Truck in NYC and try their $5 desserts. Yup, most of their yummy gourmet desserts are $5 each. Dessert TruckDuring my last trip to NYC, I suggested to Seyda that we ought to try the Dessert Truck and she agreed.. Hehe! After walking around Manhattan, taking subways and having lunch in Chinatown, we proceeded to locate the Dessert Truck which is parked on E 55th St, just off the NE Corner of Lexington St on weekdays from 12pm-3pm. They have a different night  and weekend location.

The truck had like 5-6 different desserts to choose from with the weirdest (to me) was the Goat Cheese Cake (with rosemary caramel and berries) @ $5. Seyda and I ended up having their Vanilla Crème Brulee (with freshly caramelized sugar) @ $5.

Dessert Truck1Dessert Truck2

The vendor torched the crème brulee right before serving us. And we ate the dessert, standing beside the truck!! There’s no place to sit, most customers buy their desserts to go. The crème brulee was true enough VANILLA! Warm crusty caramelized sugar on the top, with smooth cold vanilla custard cream under it. And when you dig further in, there were tons of vanilla specks that awaits you at the bottom of the cup. It was worth the $5, and worth the subway ride to find the Dessert Truck. Both of us were then contemplating if we should get our husbands some but decided against it as we still have a couple hours of fun time in NYC plus the drive back to Boston. Maybe next time then! =P

If you’re in NYC…don’t forget to check out the Dessert Truck.

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