Friday, June 19, 2009

And That’s Why….

………………….I Heart Southwest Airlines. Besides the free pillow and blankie on board, drink coupons with every free round trip you earn, friendly flight attendant……

Came across this article on

By The Associated Press Fri Jun 19, 3:02 pm ET

“A rundown of baggage fees at major U.S. airlines:

_American Airlines, AirTran Airways, Continental Airlines: $15 for the first checked piece of luggage, $25 for the second.

_Alaska Air: Passengers traveling on tickets purchased before May 1, or for travel before July 7, can check one bag for free. The second bag is $25. Beginning July 7, Alaska is adding a $15 charge for the first bag.

_Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines: $15 for the first, $25 for the second. For international tickets, the first two checked bags are still free. But for flights to Europe, Delta and Northwest are adding a $50 charge for the second checked bag beginning with tickets bought May 23 for travel beginning July 1.

_JetBlue Airways: First bag is free, $20 for the second.

_Southwest Airlines: First two bags are free.

_United Airlines: $15 for the first, $25 for the second, if paid online. If paid at the airport, United adds an extra $5 for tickets purchased beginning May 14.

_US Airways: $15 for the first, $25 for the second. Beginning with flights on July 9, US Airways will add $5 if the fee is paid at the airport for tickets purchased beginning April 23.

Note: All charges are for domestic flights, except where noted for Delta. The charges generally don't apply to first-class or business-class travelers, high-level frequent fliers and some other categories of passengers, such as active-duty military personnel.”

PS: I guess you could always bring like 2 hand carry bags on board and skip checking in your bags. To get some of the best ticket prices from Southwest (and sometimes lowest), download their Ding! program or plan your travel a couple weeks in advance….lets say 4 weeks?

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