Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekend @ Killington, VT

Last weekend, hubby, me and a group of friends drove up to Killington, VT. It was about a 3 hour drive or less for all 8 of us who went. Since hubby had the day off, we were the earliest there even though it took us about 5 hours altogether to get there. Traffic was perfect. We were slow coz we made lots of detours to shop and to do touristy stuff.

We arrived at the hotel; Alpine Inn which we managed to book at a great deal! Alpine Inn is only 10 minutes up the street from Killington Ski Resort and I must say, thanks to my relentless searching..I found the best deal in town! A standard room for 2 was about $79.20 per night plus tax and service charge since we booked it through Expedia. Total per night was about $90 for 2. Hubby and I shared out room with Seyda and Rob, and that only cost us about $20 extra per night!  The other hotels were about $200 per night plus tax. Our quite spacious rooms came equipped with a sink, fridge and microwave which was just what we needed to store beer and some food items. A decent continental breakfast also came with the room. What more can I say?? Taking in the fact that it was a long holiday weekend and did I say 10 minutes from Killington Ski Resort, I think we got the best deal in town. A pat on the back for me.

I think everyone had fun…at least I want to think so. I know I did! I’m happy to say I conquered Mount Killington without any broken bones despite falling once, thanks to the stupid moguls and listening to husband’s words…. “Trust Me”… Here are some pictures from our 3 days 2 nights getaway to Killington, VT.

We stopped by a store @ Queechee Gorge on the way to Killington for some Cabot Cheese and Apple Wine Tasting. The wine did not tickle our fancy. We however bought 2 small blocks of cheese; Sage and Tuscan Rubbed. YUMS!

Killington Killington1 

Thank God for the compact camera I brought along to the slopes. Here are shots we took when we’re on skiing on the various ski slopes. The first two were taken atop Mt. Killington @ 4241 Feet.


We took the Gondola which fits up to 8 people including the ski/snowboard to the peak of Mt. Killington. The ride was surely fun and cozy! Much better than going on the regular chair lift!


And here’s a picture of me (Bottom Right) trying to negotiate the stupid moguls. I wish the Killington Ski Resort will put markers on their trail map next time warning the skiers/snowboarders of the moguls on those trails. We never knew there were moguls until we were going down the slopes…and when it was already too late to turn back! I followed hubby down this trail, and he kept saying “Trust Me”…….. until we came across 2-3 sets of moguls on that trail. I wasn’t too happy as I’ve never been on the moguls. It’s not hubby’s fault, coz he didn’t know either. After falling once, and making my way slowly past the first set of moguls….we skied as usual until we saw another set…and another…

For the final set of moguls, I actually skied my way through the moguls without tripping/falling what so ever. Hubby was speechless with my “stunt”. I told him that moguls weren’t as prominent and it wasn’t that steep either. So, I wasn’t as scared, negotiated the moguls and lifted my arms in victory after I finished!….. Hubby showed me the part where I did my first mogul run on the next gondola ride…..I then realized…it was kinda steep after all.

Anyway, for the next run, I told him to follow my suggestion..coz I did not trust him anymore……I ate my own words…. The first thing we saw once we got of the gondola was………MOGULS……moguls and no where to run! I slowly made my way past my moguls and heard many skiers/boarders who were also surprised to see the moguls.


We skied for about 6-7 hours and returned back to the hotel without any broken bones. All of us were surely tired, but we had a good time! We hung out at the party room (our room) for some beer and snacks before washing up for dinner. I would go back to Killington anytime!

Killington Ski, please..please..please.. print those moguls on your maps!!

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