Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bob’s Clam Hut @ Kittery, ME

Over the weekend, hubby and I decided to go for a scenic drive along the coastline traveling from Massachusetts to Maine. After doing some shopping at the outlet mall in Kittery (Maine), we decided to hunt down a place for some yummy lobster roll. We did not want to spend too much and eat at a fancy place and found this little shack not too far from the outlet mall.

Bob’s Clam Hut it is! Walking into the “hut”, we realized that it was quite packed. There were people waiting for their food, and people in line ordering their food. It seems we’ve arrived at the right place or a tourist trap?? We ordered and I went inside to look for a seat. There were some bar style seating as well as regular dining seating further in. It was quite packed but we were lucky to grab the last table available.


Here’s what we ordered. Hubby went for the Whole Clam Roll (Bottom Left) @ $13.95. The clams have a light coating of batter and fried to golden perfection and then stuffed into a lightly toasted hot dog bun. The batter was crisp, and the clams quite meaty. May I add that the clams were quite fresh and large. It was nice that the roll came with a side of yummy fries (and pickle)which was again fried to perfection. Crisp on the outside and moist in the inside.

I ordered the Lobster Roll (Bottom Right) @ $12.95. The lobster salad is served the usual style; cold. Large chunks of lobster very lightly coated in mayonnaise which allows you to savor the real taste of the naturally sweet lobster meat. No fillers and nonsense in the lobster salad which was piled on a lightly toasted bun, which I would prefer if they slather some butter on it as well. =) Fries also came with my lobster roll, although the fries were significantly less than what hubby got. I think I got merely 10 pieces of fries, the man got double. I’m starting to wonder if the fries went straight into hubby’s tummy before it made it to me. =)

Their tartar sauce was very good too! It was light, slightly tangy, slightly sweet (I think) and definitely better than McDonald’s tartar sauce which I will always scrap of the fish whenever I order a Filet O Fish sandwich.


Prices for some of the item on the menu are Market Price and most likely changes every other day or so. They have a variety of combinations and options for their seafood. The prices are kinda inline with most seafood “shacks” I guess. I do appreciate that their rolls came with fries unlike at Sea Swirl. Portions were just decent as it did not quite fill us up to the brim. For $30, we definitely can get better bang for our buck at the dimsum restaurant or something…..But hey, who says seafood is cheap anyway?


There are parking in the premises and since it’s near the outlet mall…..head over to Bob’s Clam Hut for lunch break or a snack after shopping! They are located at:

315 Us Route 1
Kittery, ME 03904-5618
(207) 439-4233

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