Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wood Working Project : Side Table

Last month hubby and I got crafty and started a wood working project. This was our first wood working project of such size and our first time making a piece of furniture! =) We’re definitely proud of our accomplishments!! We’ve always wanted to have some kind of tall side table to be placed behind of sofa and finally took action last month!

We bought most materials (wood, paint, hinges) from Home Depot and some from Ikea (the ready made glass panel/door and lights). Total project cost about less than $100. It took us a duration of 2 weeks (working mostly on weekends) to complete your masterpiece. The design is a collaboration effort between hubby and I. I would have to thank HGTV for my part of the inspiration; glass panels and lights!! =)

Hubby did most of the hammering (yes, we did it the old school way…no nail guns in use here!), and sawing and painting….. I laid my fingers on it every now and then…=) The glass panel opens up to reveal some storage space as well as the 3 spot lights that illuminates the glass! =)


The completed piece now sits behind our sofa. We as well as our guests can now sit on the sofa and place our drinks, etc behind us! =)


Hubby’s started on his next wood working project…… he’s really getting a hang of doing carpentry work!! This will be another functional piece that will be placed near our entrance! I will share pictures of that when it’s finally done!! =) In the mean time, he’s been adding more power tools to his humble collection!

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Siamesecatz said...

Kudos to both of you.. It looks fabulous!!!

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