Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Disastrous Sesame Balls


(Sweet) Sesame Balls are one of my favorite dish at Dim Sum. Sesame Balls often have either sweetened red bean paste or lotus paste as the filling. My favorite ones are the red bean paste filling. The dough is made from glutinous rice flour, coated in sesame seeds then deep fried. Who wouldn’t love some deep fried goodness??

The other day, I was itching to make some at home. How hard could it be? Without doing any research, I went for it and mixed the glutinous rice flour in water, stuff them with sweetened (store-bought) red bean paste, rolled them in sesame seeds and deep fry them until black they float.

My sesame balls were a disaster. For a start, it took me quite a while to deep fry them until they float (which means they are cooked). By then, the sesame seeds have turned so so so black…it’s no longer recognizable and definitely no longer appetizing. And then, for some reason my sesame balls will poof up then crack and they ended up looking almost like Japanese Shitake Mushroom caps. I tried frying the sesame balls in 3 different kind of heat……. none really helped….the sesame seeds still turned black.

After some deduction, I concluded that I may have used the wrong kind of sesame seeds; I used the toasted ones. Perhaps, if I were to use the raw ones..it would have looked better. Well, definitely will reattempt this (this time following a recipe!!) or just head to my favorite Dim Sum place for some!

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