Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lomo effect….

I’ve seen pictures from various people and sites and have fallen in love with Lomography. At first, I naively thought it was a DSLR effect (and yes I thought I needed one of these big guns to create that lovely effect). Then I found out that it’s a camera brand (and its special film, I guess) that enables you to take pictures where the edges will be dark or the colors will be a little washed out or have vibrant colors. And yes, I went looking for a Lomo but wasn’t willing to spend money on the camera and wasn’t willing to deal with films…………….

After I got my dslr, I was determined to figure out how can I create a lomographic effect on my pictures. Googled for Lomo effect and I found (or was it my brother who forwarded me the site?) this tutorial on faking the lomo effect.

So, here’s the before and after of my attempt to fake the lomo effect and to attempt at being artistic!!!. I took this picture of the lake near my house during sunset with my new dslr. I love the after effect so much that I’ve used this picture as my wallpaper. What do you think??


IMG_0345 (Large)



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