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Sightseeing Rome – October 8, 2009

Here are overdue pictures of my maiden trip to Rome, Italy. This is just some pictures taken the first day we arrived in Rome. After resting a bit and checking out the rest of our Bed & Breakfast in Rome, we were off to our Roman adventure!

Some of these pictures are taken, on our way to find the B&B. First picture (Bottom Left) is what we suspect is the official entrance into Vatican City. Then, we came across the famous and ever popular St. Peter’s Square or Piazza San Pietro in Italian (Bottom Right). If you do not know what this is, check out Dan Brown’s book or movie Angels & Demons! =)

Rome08-1 Rome08-2

And we also passes by St Peter’s Basilica (Bottom Left) which was situated in the St. Peter’s Square, located within Vatican City. This is the biggest Christian church in the world, with the ability to hold 60,000 people inside. We were able to go into the Basilica the next day for a tour.

The following pictures are taken after we checked into the B&B. We walked to the Trastevere which is located south of Vatican City and west bank of the Tiber from the main part of Rome. We were recommended by fellow tourist we met in Florence to look for food in the Trastevere area and so we did!

We walked from our B&B to the Parco Gianicolense (Gianicolense Park) on Monte del Gianicolo. It was a long and tiring walk - up hill! But the view we got once we arrived was rewarding! The view of Rome (Bottom Right)…which was naturally illuminated by the sun (sun set maybe??). This was the first of many scenic views of Rome we were able to enjoy.


Across from the scenic viewing area, stood the Monumento a Garibaldi (Bottom Left) in the middle of Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi.

One of many fountains we see in Rome (Bottom Right). This one seem no longer in use, though still pretty!

Rome08-4     Rome08-7 

On the way down from the Gianicolense Park, we saw a gorgeous grand fountain; Fontana dell' Acqua Paola (Bottom) which was built in the 17th century. This fountain was actually steps away from the Spanish Embassy.


After hanging out in Trasvetere and getting some delicious Italian dinner there, we walked back to the B&B……but not before getting lost and wasting precious time to find our way back! =)

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