Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Revisited: New China Pearl Restaurant @ Woburn, MA

I’ve written in the past about New China Pearl Restaurant in Woburn, MA and decided to do another again. This time a little more detailed. =) New China Pearl still remains our favorite dim sum place and we often find ourselves indulging in some delicious dim sum there on the weekends.


Last weekend, we were there at about 1pm. This was probably one of the latest time we’ve had dim sum and this turned out to be one of our longest wait! Our regular dim sum time is about 11.30am. I forgot how long we wait for a seat; perhaps about 15 minutes? Parking were also not available, and we ended up parked at the nearby mall parking lot and walking over.

You;ll find ladies pushing carts filled with an array of yummy dim sums from steamed ones to those good fried stuff. All you need to do is pick the ones that you fancy and the ladies will give you a stamp which corresponds with the price of the item you picked on the “order card”. There are 3 basic price levels; Small @ $2.60; Medium @ $2.90; Large @ $3.70. There are also special order items which are priced higher.

Here’s what we ordered (which are usually our must haves during our visits) between the 2 of us:

1) Lo Pak Kou (Pan Fried Radish Cake) @ $2.90. Shredded radish mixed with rice flour batter, steamed then pan fried before serving and served with some HoiSin Sauce. This was good, but a bit cold. It was the last one on the push cart. In some dim sum restaurants, this dish is pan fried right in front of you. We like it when it’s hot and fresh off the griddle.

2) Har Kow (Shrimp Dumpling) @ $3.70. Large delicious shrimp wrapped in a thin almost translucent wrapper. At staple at dim sum restaurants. The wrapper is made from wheat and tapioca starch. We love this. The dumplings are nice, large and mouthwatering. This is one of the best Har Kow we’ve eaten.

3) Har Queen (Shrimp Spring Roll) @ $2.90. Chopped shrimp wrapped in spring roll wrapper, then deep fried. Oh yeah…we love shrimp..hence you’ll see many shrimp items on our table! =) Crispy on the outside and delicious fresh shrimp filling in the inside.

4) Shrimp Cheong Fun (Shrimp Rice Noodle Roll) @ $2.90. Steamed Rice Noodle filled with succulent shrimp and doused with sweet soy sauce. They will only drizzle the sauce upon ordering. There are many types of rice noodle roll fillings available; BBQ pork, minced beef and even fried dough.

5) Shu Mai (Pork Dumpling) @ $2.90. Steamed pork and Chinese mushroom dumpling topped with roe. This is another staple at dim sum restaurants. I like the Shu Mai here as the pork used are mostly lean. I’ve been to places where the mixed in large pieces of fat which tasted so disgusting. They also have a seafood shu mai; shrimp and perhaps fish which is equally delicious.

6) Tan Tart (Egg Tart) @ $2.60. Egg custard baked in a flaky crust. This is a very popular dessert in dim sum restaurants. I love egg tart and will order this every time without fail. The egg custard is sweet, smooth and delicate. The puff pastry crust, oh-so-buttery and flaky! I’m drooling jsut writing about it right now.


7) Mango Pudding @ $2.60. Gelatinous mango flavored pudding with bits of mango flesh. We don’t order this that often but since we both love mangoes..we ordered it this time. The pudding is creamy, milky, smooth and jiggles like Jello! =). You can surely taste the mango and tiny chunks of mango flesh in between bites. Another yummy dessert!


What are you waiting for? Head over to New China Pearl @ Woburn, MA for some delicious dim sum. If you prefer to save other Chinese food, check out their kitchen menu HERE. We’ve tried their regular Chinese food; cooked upon order. It was also pretty good! My in-laws enjoyed having dinner there! Here’s their location:

288 Mishawum Rd
Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 932-0031

Oh yeah, they are also on Facebook. =)

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