Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Priya Indian Cuisine @ Lowell, MA

This place was known as Indian Kebab for a year or two. When hubby and I went back for their buffet recently, we noticed the name has been changed to Priya. We’ve enjoyed most of our Indian Buffet lunches at the old place although there’s once or twice where the food was not the best. We saw the new signage when we were walking towards the door and was a bit shocked. Instead of walking away and eating elsewhere, we decided to give the new place a try.


Everything is still the same in the inside (the restaurant is in the basement). The staff also looked the same. I guess it’s just the ownership that has changed. The usual lanky guy who we think was the owner is no longer there.

We went for our usual lunch buffet and hit the buffet line very quickly. There weren’t much people when we first got there (about 12.30 pm) but some tables were filled soon after that. We were happy that the menu still looked almost the same with some new looking dish on the buffet line. The lunch buffet was $11.99 per person and you get to feast on an array of both meat and vegetarian dishes.

This time they had plain basmati rice, Chicken Briyani (Yums!), Chicken Korma, Egg Curry, Paneer Tikka Masala, Vada, Tumeric Cabbage, and lots more. Everything I tried was delicious! =)

Priya Priya1

With the buffet, a freshly made Masala Dosa is also brought up to your table. I’m not sure if you could request more than one serving though. The dosa is cripsy and not overly sour although it is made from overnight rice mixture. The masala filling (potato) could use a little more spice and maybe heat though.

Priya2The service there has always been quite pleasant. The staff are quite friendly and removes empty plates (and refills water) quite timely. If you enjoy Bollywood (and Sharukh Khan) songs and mtv, you’ll enjoy having your meal there! They almost often play Indian songs every time we dine there. 

Feel free to browse Priya’s extensive Indian (and Indo-Chinese) menu HERE. What are you waiting for? Tantalize your tongue and try some Indian food at Priya’s! They are located off Drumhill Road in Lowell/North Chelmsford.

1270 Westford Street
Lowell, MA 01851
(978) 454-7777

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