Monday, January 25, 2010

Christina’s Ice Cream @ Cambridge, MA


It has been a long time since I visited my favorite ice cream parlor. Christina’s Ice Cream offers about 40 delicious homemade ice cream flavors everyday. You could get the usual boring flavors like Vanilla and Strawberry or go for tantalizing (and sometimes exotic) flavors like Burnt Sugar, Khulfti, Coffee Oreo, Chai Spice, etc. They also offer seasonal flavors through out the year and have an array of frozen yogurt, sorbet, smoothie and of course sundaes.


During the summer, the lines can be quite long. There are some seats inside the ice cream parlor for you to enjoy your frozen treats. Once you get there, hunt down a flavors you like or get a sample for tasting and choose from 3 different sizes (small, medium or large) and if you want it in a cone or a cup. Of course you could order what ever you fancy that night. Pay for the ice cream at the end of the line. We usually have have trouble choosing the flavors. It’s just too many to choose from!!

A few weekends ago, hubby and I went there for a after dinner (and Dessert #2) treat after dining at our favorite Brazilian restaurant; Muqueca. Christina’s Ice Cream was dessert #2 that night and we decided to order a medium ice cream to share. I picked Mango, hubby picked Pistachio. We sat in the store which was quite empty (since it was almost 10pm) to enjoy our frozen treat. I forgot how much the ice cream cost us….it should be less than $4.

The Mango ice cream was heavenly. It was rich, creamy, smooth and you can definitely taste the hint of Mango. It would be yummier if there were chunks of mango to chew on. =) On the other hand, the Pistachio ice cream was just ok. It was also creamy, rich and smooth (with chunks of pistachio) but I think they used Almond flavoring in the ice cream. I’m pretty sure it tasted like Almond Extract of which I’m not a big fan of. If it weren’t for the Pistachio nuts in the ice cream, I would have thought I was eating an Almond ice cream.

Christinas3 Head over to Christina’s whenever you’re in the Inman Square/Cambridge Area during hot summer days or whenever you have a ice cream craving! Do bring cash (no credit card accepted) if you decide to stop by for a frozen delight.

1255 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-1338
(617) 492-7021

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