Friday, October 16, 2009

My Euro Trip

This was my second trip to Europe. The first being about 4 years ago during X’mas time, hubby and I flew to London. This trip is the longest trip I’ve had in another country other than Malaysia. The four of us (Hubby, Rob, Seyda and I) started talking about a trip to Europe some time last year. Before we know it, we set a budget of USD 3000 per couple which we then increase to USD 3500 (thank god) months before the trip.

Seyda and I played major parts of planning the whole trip from where to go and when to go. We filled in the husbands of our grand vacation plan later! =) We shopped for flights relentlessly and did many searches on hotels and places to go. It was only when our round flight from Boston to Barcelona – Rome to Boston with Swiss Air (thru was on sale for about USD 500. This was about USD 200 cheaper than the current price offered by other airlines. We booked it immediately and that was when I knew the Euro Trip is ACTUALLY coming true!!

Everything happened so quickly after that…..and before we know it our backpacks were packed and we’re on our way to the airport. About 12 hours later on board Swiss Air (so comfy, I’ll fly with them again!!) we finally landed in Barcelona where we spent 3 nights there. From Barcelona, Spain we took a budget airline to Venice, Italy where we spent one night there. We then bought regional train tickets and took a train from Venice to Florence where we spent 2 nights there. Finally, saving the best for last…..we took the train from Florence to Rome where we spent 3 wonderful nights.

Many gelatos and USD 3800 later (Yes we went a bit over!), we were left with wonderful memories and great pictures. I had lots of fun and I hope my traveling partners enjoyed this trip as well!

Coming back to the US after the nice Spanish and Italian sunshine was tough…….We were greeted by the chilly New England autumn weather. I shall share pictures from my trip later. I took about 2500 pictures and have finally finished uploading them to my Facebook (Check those pictures out if you’re my Facebook friend!). This time, I took the time to write down descriptions for each of the pictures I took so that my parents especially (and friends) know what they are.

Oh Yeah, during the trip we started talking about possibly doing a Mediterranean trip to Southern Italy, Greece and Turkey next year. Lets see how far this discussion will progress! =) I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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