Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Hubby will faint with the amount of anniversaries I have marked down in my calendar! Anyway, October 6 three years ago was when we got married legally (the paperwork stuff). To some people (especially in Malaysia), they call this “step” engagement. =)

We were lucky and thankful that both our parents were here in the US and witnessed us signing our lives away getting married. =) . 3 years have definitely flew by so quick! I just come to realize this year’s anniversary….we’ll be in Venice, Italy. Ahh..how romantic, eh! =P =)

Happy Anniversary, dear! XOXO


pInk gIrL gIrL said...

Sweet sweet~ Haha!
Hope both of you have a romantic trip then.

LeoElaine said...

wah..so romantic;)but until now didnt see ur pic also. How about post some wedding picture give us see lol haha ;)

Simply June said...

Couz: Thanks.. back from my fun trip! we went with 2 other friends....can't be very romantic but it was definitely lotsa fun!

Elaine: dun like to post pics of myself........... here are some from a previous post... http://simply-june.blogspot.com/2009/06/it-was-exactly-year-ago.html

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